Music and Video Room


Chris Adams
Chris Adams – Luminex City mix (modified acoustic city sounds from around Dallas TX)

James Bohn
Two Preludes for Piano (MIDI realizations)
Prelude 4 (download as .mid)
Prelude 8 (download as .mid)

Tim Bonenfant
Solo for Bb Clarinet

Chien-Yin Chen
A Little Siankwede But Not Too Much
performed by the TALUJON Quarter, Janyary 1998 MATA Festival in New York City

Chien-Yin Chen draws her inspiration from both percussion usage in the Peking Opera and the “one-man-one-tone” music of Siankwede, the only composer in Siachilaba, a village of the Tonga people residing in western Zimbabwe which she has visited.

Bob Clendenen – composer, songwriter, friend of Randy
Bob Clendenen – Calling
Bob Clendenen – We Bid You Goodnight (an arrangement of a public domain song)

R.P. Collier Thumb Piano Project
R.P. Collier Thumb Piano Project – Brassy 2
Lightspill – a Thumb Piano Project video soundtrack

Peter Dragotta
Color Test Pattern 3:18 is an audio collage of four views of how to reach “the almighty.”

Tizoc Estrada – CalArts alum
Tizoc Estrada – Miss Bello

R. Wiley Evans
Found sound at Laguna Seca, Erik Satie performance applause, and a popping light bulb

Michael Jon Fink
Celesta Solo (1981)
Temptation to Flower (1995 – excerpt)
I Hear It in the Rain (excerpt)

Alexandra Gardner
Luminoso – guitar and sampled sounds
Alexandra Gardner – Marblehead

Malcolm Goldstein
Configurations in Darkness (excerpt in realaudio)
An improvisation on a folksong that was recorded in Gacko, Bosnia-Herzogovina as sung by Halima Hvre in 1935, and later transcribed by Bela Bartok as an exile in New York City in the 1940s. It is one of several such songs incorporated into the ensemble composition, ‘ Configurations in Darkness’, composed in 1995; the music as a kind of landscape of sound from which solo song evolves, ‘… discovered as something that re-emerges from where it lay buried in the memory, inaudible as a melody cut in a disc of flesh’ (Jean Genet; ‘Prisoner of Love’). This performance is an improvisation from the larger ensemble piece and, as the original, offered as a gesture of hope for the endurance of peace in Bosnia-Herzogovina (as elsewhere, endlessly).

Steve Horowitz
The Re-Taking of Pelham One Two Three – video
Such a Deal – excerpt from The Psychosexual Album

Randy Hostetler
An excerpt from Randy’s P[L]ACES – a music collage for five percussionists, various brass instruments, piano, acoustic and amplified guitar, washtub bass, power tools, spoons, lamps and taped materials. January 1998 performance at New York’s MATA Festival, produced by Philip Glass.

Performers include Lisa Bielawa and Eleanor Sandresky, former artistic directors of MATA, the Talujon Quartet, Jack Vees and several members of the Philip Glass Ensemble, with Beatrice Jona Affron conducting.

**(Additional information on the world premiere (and on Rob Tate’s video documentary of the performance) can be found in Randy’s Room.)

Arthur Jarvinen
Endless Bummer – written for Randy
Performed by Arthur Jarvinen (bass) and Ryan Francesconi (guitar)
Also read Arthur Jarvinen’s stories about Randy Hostetler
(copyright Arthur Jarvinen 1990, published by Leisure Planet Music)

Anne La Berge – flutist
Flute Craziness
A small, computer-manipulated sample from the piece Down in the Mouth

Lukas Ligeti
Mustery System – a Tzadik CD
Lukas Ligeti – Pattern Transformation
Lukas Ligeti – Moving Houses
Lukas Ligeti – Independence
Lukas Ligeti – New York to Neptune
Lukas Ligeti – Delta Space

Loons in the Monastery – Jennifer Lowman and Samuel Clairborne
Loons in the Monastery – Stranger Than Truth

Pauline Oliveros
The Wheel of Time (excerpt)
from a 1983 performance at the California Institute of the Arts Contemporary Music Festival.
Scores and recordings of Pauline Oliveros’s works are available from Deep Listening Publications.

Eleanor Sandresky – composer, pianist and member of the Philip Glass Ensemble
Mathematically Inclined
performed by the TALUJON Quartet at the January 1998 MATA Festival in New York City

Guillermo Silveira
Guillermo Silveira – Estudio de Paz
Guillermo Silveira – Nanomusic

Andrew Earle Simpson
Andrew Earle Simpson – Summer-Night Songs

Sonus Quartet
Tall Tales and Stories

Various projects by CalArts New Media Instructor Mark Trayle

Jack Vees
Jack Vees – The Restaurant Behind The Pier

Pamela Z – performance artist from San Francisco, CA
Pop Titles ‘You’